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Bovis Homes aerial installer Cloakham Lawns, Axminster

Call Geoff, specialist Aerial Expert for your new Bovis Homes house in Cloakham Lawns, Axminster – 07912 609344 or 01395 201278

Map of Cloakham Lawns, AxminsterIf you’ve just moved into a Bovis Homes new build in Cloakham Lawns, Axminster and are having a problem with your aerial, TV reception or require any of the services listed below, then please get in touch! I specialise in Aerial repairs for Bovis Homes New Builds.

new build aerial installer Cloakham LawnsI ensure high standards of new build excellence, which is why I always offer an unbeatable 2 year guarantee on all work provided.

Bovis Homes aerial installer Cloakham Lawns, AxminsterYou’d be astonished at the shoddy aerial connections I see in new build homes, including Cloakham Lawns. It makes sense to make sure of a perfect signal anywhere you’re likely to want it. So lets get it sorted – call today!

  • Whether New Build aerial installations in Cloakham Lawns or aerial repairs elsewhere in Axminster – no job too big or small!
  • Specialist aerial fittings in Cloakham Lawns
  • Cloakham Lawns New Build installation
  • Great prices for aerial installations!
  • Local TV aerial repairer for Axminster
  • TV/Home Cinema & Audio Installations
  • Bovis Homes Aerial Installations
  • Satellite Installer for Axminster
  • Free quotes
  • All work guaranteed

New Build Aerial Fitter For Cloakham Lawns, Axminster

★★★★★ Geoff was so very helpful when I needed advice regarding the aerial in my new flat – he visited quickly, quickly figured out the problem, and most importantly gave me honest advice about the cheapest way to solve the problem (which didn’t involve any work by himself). He went above and beyond what I would expect, even giving detailed advice about what box I should buy and where I should buy it from, all for no benefit to himself! Would highly recommend.

L Wilson, Nov 2014

New Build Aerial Installations Cloakham Lawns, Axminster