Aerial Installations – Frequently Asked Questions

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Will a set-top aerial work for Freeview?

Usually a rooftop aerial is more reliable for Freeview boxes. However, if you have good reception now, a set-top aerial may work in certain circumstances.

Will I have to throw out my TV, especially if it’s old?

No. With very rare exceptions, all TVs can be converted to digital with a digital box – even black and white ones. If your television was manufactured after 1996, it will have a scart socket. This means it can be connected to a digital box with a Scart lead, which is the best quality connection. If your TV does not have a scart socket on the back, and has only a small round aerial socket instead, you can still adapt it for digital. Just make sure you ask your retailer for a digital box with an “RF modulator” built in. This means the box can be plugged into the small aerial socket without the need for a scart lead (please note that the signal with an RF through-loop or RF modulator will not be as good as the one through a scart socket). Unfortunately if your television does not have either of these inputs it cannot be converted to receive digital television.

What Freeview channels should I be able to receive?

Freeview is available to virtually all UK households, up from 73% since the time of the switchover. All households within terrestrial coverage will be able to receive the main five public-service channels (BBC1&2, ITV1, C4, Five) and associated digital-only services, including BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News 24, itv2, itv3, E4 and more4, around 18 channels in all. A range of digital radio services are also be available. Freeview also significantly increases availability of non-public service Freeview channels, such as Sky Three and Price Drop TV. Digital UK has launched an online service which tells you which Freeview channels are available in your area. Click here to use it.

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