Exeter Sky Glass Installer

Once you receive your new Sky Glass TV, you’ll want to get it all properly set up and installed. With over 100 5-star Yell reviews, I’m reputed as one of Devon’s most friendly and honest installers, and am standing by to get it all sorted for you.


  • Sky Glass Installers Exmouth
  • Sky Glass Installer Sidmouth
  • Sky Glass Installer Teignmouth

    • Sky Glass TV Configuration and Set-Up
    • Sky Glass TV Mounting
    • All three sizes (43″, 55″, 65″)
    • Integration of Sky Glass with existing audio/gaming equipment
    • Convenient removal of your packaging & debris

    Whether you’ve registered for Sky Glass, are waiting or have already received your TV delivery, you can contact me now to discuss your needs and schedule a Sky Glass installation booking.

    I have over ten years experience working with as broad a range of homes as you can imagine, so it won’t be a problem getting you nicely set up.

    I love what I do and will get your Sky Glass completely taken care of. I offer an unbeatable two-year guarantee on all work – enjoy peace of mind!

    So call now on 07912 609344 to chat about your needs and book a visit, or use the form below.

    ★★★★★ In this age, when so many large companies seem to see customers just as people to be milked, it is heart warming to find a small, local service that is so skilled and also so determined to provide such excellent customer service.